Saturday, 22 March 2008

My Miser Husband

"Darling, what day is April 19th?"
"Hmmmmm.....I think it's a big day." My husband said.
"Yes,it's a big day,but WHAT IS IT?!" I was with no patience.
"The day of our wedding!" Fortunately,he still remembered.
"Our wedding anniversary." I corrected it and then said sweetly,"So, darling, what will you do at that day?"

(I hoped he would still remember what I mention frequently in these days------ "I want perfume, a bottle of perfume, actually I don't care about the price but I think a high-end-brand one will make your honey more pretty and lovely.Don't you agree ,darling?")

"Hmmmmmmmm......I would like to say 100 times I LOVE YOU for you!"
"........."After a long time heart-breaking silence, I said distinctly,"O---K, then I will see whether you can still have your meals when you finish."

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