Sunday, 15 March 2009

How to Smile as a Sales (7' Speech)

Before we go into the main point, I'd like to tell you a little story of mine. I was the secretary of my boss before I became a sales. After a long-time working as a secretary, I requested a sales position from my boss. For why? First, I became feeling boring as a secretary. Second, also the most important, sales could earn more money! But my boss refused at his first reaction. He said,"Angelice, you're more suitable for a secretary or a HR manager than a sales."
"Why? I've learn a lot about how to do business from you, Frank."I said.
"I know you learn and work with your heart and soul, but you're still not qualified as a sales. For the first thing, you don't know how to smile as a sales."
At that time, I was really confused, but I still appriciated my boss telling me the truth and giving me some suggestions.
I got to know why my boss supposed I couldn't be a sales.
I took everything so seriously, I could work hard to make for a task directed by my boss, but I couldn't interact with peoples with sense of humor. Otherwise, when I tried to sell jewellery in the fairs, I was too alert to speak to the customers normally, just watching the piles of products nervously, being afraid of lossing one of them.
You know, lossing one maybe costs 1-2 months salary of mine.But how could the sales make for that? Didn't they be afraid? Why they could handle the customers' questions so well but still keep an eye on the products easily and smile wonderfully?
I started to oberve and learn. I also practised my smiling face in front of the mirror everyday.
After a long-time studying, I discover that a good smile do really relate to the people's looking. Some smile nicely. Even though they don't smile, they seem like smiling. Such as Angela and Gina, when they smile, they attract everybody. But unfortunate for someone like me, when they smile, they seem like weeping.
However, it doesn't matter. I find that even the peoples like me could smile nicely,friendly,and smile as a sales.
How? Firstly,Have a Right Attitude. If you're in high pressure, you must keep your head calm and relaxed. Accordding to my career, I should say to myself,"No risk no gain, just relax!"
Secondly, Be Confident. Be confident of yourself, be confident of your company, of your products.
Thirdly, Be Professional at Your Career. If you can't help your customers deal with the problems, your customers won't smile, then you won't either.
Last,Be Sincere to Everyone. Not only to your customers, but also to the peoples arround you. If they need your help, just help them sincerely in action, instead superficially. If you do so,you'll feel the happiness seeping from the bottom of your heart. Then you'll smile better and better.
I keep these four rules in my mind and work hard on them.
When some customers said they only wanna talk to Angelice, and when they brought me nice presents from all over the world, I smiled. Then when my boss told me I'd been qualified as a sales and could be in charge of a wholesale shop, I smiled into tears.

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